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How to lock a folder in Windows 11?

Folder locking is a method that is used to protect the contents of a specific folder by restricting unauthorized access. The process typically involves security measures such as passwords or encryption to prevent unwanted users from viewing, modifying, or deleting the data or files within the locked folder. Folder locking is beneficial in various scenarios,… Read More »

Spring Boot Redis CRUD example

In this tutorial, we develop a Spring Boot application that will use the Redis Database and perform CRUD Operation. Step to implement Spring Boot Redis example Step 1- Download Redis In order to use the Redis database, we need to download and install Redis. Till January 2022, Redis does not have official support for Windows… Read More »

Can JPA entity have a field not mapped to DB column?

JPA stands for Java Persistence API. It is a specification for managing relational databases in Java applications. JPA is a part of Java EE (Enterprise Edition), and it is used for persisting, retrieving and managing Java objects in a relational database. It provides facilities for developers to interact with the relational database using object-oriented programming… Read More »