How to Dockerize Spring Boot application with MySQL

The term Dockerize refers to the process of packaging an application and its dependencies into containers using Docker. Docker is an open-source platform that helps developers automate the deployment of applications into lightweight and portable containers that contain everything needed to run the application, including the source code, libraries, and system tools. In this tutorial,… Read More »

How to convert Java class file to source code

Java Decompiler A Java decompiler is a reverse engineering tool that can be used to convert Java bytecode back to Java source code. It became useful when we had the compiled Java classes (in the form of bytecode, typically stored in a.class file) but not the original source code. In this tutorial, we will learn… Read More »

How to convert Java Object to YAML file?

YAML stands for YAML Ain’t Markup Language is also known as Yet Another Markup Language. It is generally used for configuration files and the data exchange between languages with different data structures. Given below is an example of a YAML file representing information about a website: Java Object to YAML file In this tutorial, we are… Read More »

How to Dockerize Spring Boot application with MongoDB?

Docker is a platform that is used for developing, shipping and running applications inside containers. The containers are lightweight and portable units that package the application and its dependencies, enabling them to run consistently across different environments (DEV, SIT, and PROD) as well as on different systems. In this tutorial, we will learn how to… Read More »

Lombok is not generating Getters and Setter?

Lombok is a popular Java library that simplifies Java application development by reducing boilerplate code and making our codebase clean and easy to understand. It is an annotation-based library that provides several annotations to be used in Java classes to automatically generate the biolerplate codes for getters, setters, constructors, etc. These annotations are processed at… Read More »

Java 21 – Java 21 features with example

The new version of Java, Java 21, is finally released on September 19, 2023, as the next long-term support (LTS) version. Because of this LTS version, it will be used in commercial support as the next stable version. After working on a total of 2585 JIRA issues, of which 1868 were resolved by Oracle and… Read More »

How to resolve Eclipse version 1.8.0_301 of the JVM is not suitable for this product. Version 17 or greater is required. ?

Whenever we install a new version of Eclipse IDE, which comes with the latest support for JVM, while opening Eclipse IDE, we may get the following error: Version 1.8.0_301 of the JVM is not suitable for this product. Version 17 or greater is required. Steps to resolve the JVM version not suitable for Eclipse Step… Read More »

Apache Kafka – How to install Apache Kafka on Windows?

Install and Run Apache Kafka on Windows Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform that acts as a high-throughput, fault-tolerant, and scalable message broker. It enables the efficient ingestion, storage, and distribution of data streams within a system. Producers publish data on specific topics, which are further partitioned for parallel processing. Consumers subscribe… Read More »