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Jenkins – How to install Jenkins on Windows?

Jenkins is an open-source automation server written in the Java programming language that is used for continuous integration of software projects. It also allows continuous deployment (CI/CD) for software projects by integrating with various testing and deployment tools and technologies. To learn more about Jenkins, please refer to Jenkins: An Introduction to CI/CD and Jenkins.… Read More »

Jenkins – Introduction to CI/CD and Jenkins?

Jenkins is an open-source automation server that is used for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) for software development processes such as code building, testing, and deploying. Jenkins has hundreds of plugins that help automate software building and deployment. Jenkins is a server-based automation tool that runs in servlet containers such as Apache Tomcat. It… Read More »

SOLID Principles Java

The SOLID Principles Java are an object-oriented approach to software applications that has changed the way object-oriented applications are written by ensuring modularity, easy maintainability, easy understanding, easy to debug and refactor etc. The acronyms for SOLID principles are following: SOLID Principles Java Let us understand each of the Solid Design Principles Java with the… Read More »

Spring Boot MongoDB CRUD Example

CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete. The CRUD Operations are the four basic operations that are performed by the software application on the persistence layer. Software applications perform CRUD operations through the use of the Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). These HTTP protocols have methods that are used to create, read, update, or delete… Read More »