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Spring Boot Scheduler – How to implement task scheduler in Spring Boot?

In Spring Boot, Job scheduler (Spring Boot Scheduler) is a feature that provides the facilities to automate the executions of tasks at specified interval. It is very useful in terms of running background jobs, periodic maintenance activity or any activity that needs to be performed. Spring Boot supports various scheduling strategies which allows us to… Read More »

Spring Boot Redis CRUD example

In this tutorial, we develop a Spring Boot application that will use the Redis Database and perform CRUD Operation. Step to implement Spring Boot Redis example Step 1- Download Redis In order to use the Redis database, we need to download and install Redis. Till January 2022, Redis does not have official support for Windows… Read More »

How to inject Collection name in @Document from properties file in Spring Boot?

Sometimes in enterprise applications, we are required to configure the collection name from the properties file to our entity (model) class instead of hardcoding the collection name. In this tutorial, we will learn to inject Collection name in @Document from properties file. Steps to inject Collection name in @Document from properties file We are using… Read More »

How to Dockerize Spring Boot application with MySQL

The term Dockerize refers to the process of packaging an application and its dependencies into containers using Docker. Docker is an open-source platform that helps developers automate the deployment of applications into lightweight and portable containers that contain everything needed to run the application, including the source code, libraries, and system tools. In this tutorial,… Read More »

How to Dockerize Spring Boot application with MongoDB?

Docker is a platform that is used for developing, shipping and running applications inside containers. The containers are lightweight and portable units that package the application and its dependencies, enabling them to run consistently across different environments (DEV, SIT, and PROD) as well as on different systems. In this tutorial, we will learn how to… Read More »

Spring Batch 5 example – Read from MySQL and Write to MongoDB

Spring Batch is an open-source framework and one of the core modules of Spring Framework. It is used to create a robust batch processing application that provides error handling, recovery mechanisms, easy scalability, and parallel processing of large volumes of data in Java applications. In this tutorial, we are going to use a Spring Batch… Read More »