How to add STS plugin in Eclipse?

By | February 21, 2024

Spring Tool Suite (STS) is an integrated development environment (IDE) designed to facilitate the development of enterprise Java applications using the Spring framework. STS provides tools and features that streamline the development process, making it easier for developers to create, debug, and deploy Spring-based applications. In this tutorial, we will learn how we can add STS plugin in Eclipse.

Following are the features provided by Spring Tool Suite:

  • Code assistance
  • Project templates
  • Integrated Spring tools
  • Deployment tools
  • Built-in server integration

Steps to install STS plugin in Eclipse

Step 1: Download STS plugin in Eclipse

In order to add STS plugin to Eclipse, we need to Open Eclipse > Help > Eclipse Marketplace.

How to add STS plugin in Eclipse?
Fig 1- Eclipse Marketplace

After we click on Eclipse Marketplace, it will open a popup window where we need to search for Spring Tool Suite.

Spring Tool Suite Plugin
Fig 2- Spring Tool Suite Plugin

After that, we need to install the Spring Tool Suite and for that we will click on the Install option.

Step 2- Spring Tool Suite features

Once we click on Install, it will ask for the required Spring Tool Suite features and once selected, we need to confirm it. 

Fig 3- Spring Tool Suite Features

Step 3- Licenses and Trust Authorities

As we confirm the Spring Tool Suite features, we need to review licenses and provide trust to the authorities in order to install the STS plugin over the Eclipse IDE.

Fig 4- Review Licenses

As we accept the license agreements and click on Finish, it will ask for Trust Authorities

Fig 5- Trust Authorities

After we click on Trust Selected, Spring Tool Suite will start getting installed and once completed it will ask for a Reboot of Eclipse.

Step 4- Spring Tool Suite

Once we reboot our Eclipse IDE, we can see a new Boot Dashboard icon added to the toolbar.

Create new Project using STS plugin in Eclipse
Fig 6- Boot Dashboard

Now, we can create a new Spring Boot project using File > New > Project > Spring Starter Project.

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