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How to create a RestFul APIs in Spring Boot | Category API

RestFul APIs RestFul APIs are the interface that two computer systems use to communicate and exchange data over the internet using HTTPS ports. The APIs that follow the REST architecture design paradigm are called Rest APIs. In this article, we will create a category API for our blog application. To learn more about the Category… Read More »

Bean Validation – How to validate data using Bean Validation?

The Bean Validation API is used for the validation of constraints on an object model using annotations. It can be very useful for validating the length, format, regular expressions, etc. of an object model. By default, bean validation is a Java specification; we need to explicitly provide its implementation. Basics of Bean Validation API In… Read More »

REST Architecture – What are REST APIs?

REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer. REST Architecture a software architectural design paradigm which provides a standard way of communication between different computer systems over the web. The computer system that compliant to REST are called Restful systems. These restful system communicate with each other using web-services called Restful Web Services or Restful APIs. These… Read More »