Spring Boot Redis CRUD example

In this tutorial, we develop a Spring Boot application that will use the Redis Database and perform CRUD Operation. Step to implement Spring Boot Redis example Step 1- Download Redis In order to use the Redis database, we need to download and install Redis. Till January 2022, Redis does not have official support for Windows… Read More »

Can JPA entity have a field not mapped to DB column?

JPA stands for Java Persistence API. It is a specification for managing relational databases in Java applications. JPA is a part of Java EE (Enterprise Edition), and it is used for persisting, retrieving and managing Java objects in a relational database. It provides facilities for developers to interact with the relational database using object-oriented programming… Read More »

What is Sonarlint? How to add Sonarlint in Eclipse?

Sonarlint by Sonar is a free extension for our development environments that covers all the most popular programming languages. Like spell checker, Sonarlint squiggles coding issues and performs on-the-fly analysis to detect common mistakes, tricky bugs, and security vulnerabilities. Along with this, it also teaches us clean coding practices. This way, it helps us spend… Read More »

What is Swagger in Spring Boot | How to add Swagger in Spring Boot?

What is Swagger? Swagger, now known as OpenAPI Specification, is a tool that provides a set of rules and conventions for building, interacting with, and documenting APIs (application-programmable interfaces). It provides a standard to describe the robust APIs, which makes it easier for developers to understand the capabilities of a service without accessing its source… Read More »

How to inject Collection name in @Document from properties file in Spring Boot?

Sometimes in enterprise applications, we are required to configure the collection name from the properties file to our entity (model) class instead of hardcoding the collection name. In this tutorial, we will learn to inject Collection name in @Document from properties file. Steps to inject Collection name in @Document from properties file We are using… Read More »

How to Dockerize Spring Boot application with MySQL

The term Dockerize refers to the process of packaging an application and its dependencies into containers using Docker. Docker is an open-source platform that helps developers automate the deployment of applications into lightweight and portable containers that contain everything needed to run the application, including the source code, libraries, and system tools. In this tutorial,… Read More »